Thursday, December 1, 2011

So this guy.
His name is Rich.
I like him a lot.
He is a great daddy, husband, pastor, and friend.

He just finished building the boys a customized bed. Complete with a little baby jail gate so they can see each other. I just can picture the boys clanking their sippies cup at the bars trying to break free.

We as a family and a church, Grace Haven are embarking on a new exciting journey - combining our sweet Grace Haven family with another church here on the West Side to form a new church. We are really excited about this new adventure. The "other church" South Main Street Church, has a great group of people with great hearts ready to serve. I can't wait to see what God does. Rich will be leading this whole new church as pastor. I know he will do a great job.

After working a year as a milk man to support his pastoring habit, I am thankful he will be able to get to be a full time pastor. And we will get to see a bit more of him. Cause we like that guy!

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