Monday, January 11, 2010


"Special needs" is such a scary term. At least for me. Its a word that is used many time with hushed voices and looks of concern and sorrow.

The other night I spent about an hour try to find clothing for K that works well with his G-J, pulse ox, and oxygen. I specifically like footed pajamas that snap up. They work great. But commonly only come in sizes up to 9 mo. One company makes them up to 18 mo., but at $50 a pair, well that's just not in the budget these days. I googled: "Clothing for G-tubes". Inevitably all the pages were on "Special needs." Do I really have a special needs child (or children)? It made me sad. All my pre-conceived notions about special needs children. The fear. The anxiety I once possessed while pregnant with Morgann that something would be wrong.

The thing is.

All of our kids are special.

They all have some sort of special needs.

And God knows these needs and will give us the strength to face them. Whether its K's interesting choice of accessories or Morgann's need for more discipline and structure.

Not to brag, but I'm constantly being told: "How great a job" we are doing with K and I. How flexible we are..blah blah blah. It is flattering. But honestly, it is not us.

It's God.

And to Him, I need to give more glory. Because sadly, I just usually say "thank you" and don't give the credit to the One who gives us the strength, patience and love for our three very special needs children.