Sunday, September 12, 2010

make a wish...or prayer...

So, August 24, our court date came and went....and basically has been this Tuesday. Prayerfully, things will go well and permanacy will just be around the corner.
Miss Morgann started Kindergarten last week. I am getting used to that new routine. I had to reschedule a bizillion doctor appointments because they all conflicted with Morgann's drop off / pick up. But thats okay. She is loving school.
The boys are great. Having a healthy spell. K is struggling a little bit with allergies. But handling them very well.
Me, I am great. Rich and I had a great weekend away and mom and dad came up to watch the kiddos. We go yearly to a Pastor and Wives Encouragement Retreat. Its always awesome and this year was no different. Lots of great food, fellowship, good teaching and time with Rich. We went fishing/canoeing in the Great North Woods and I caught a good sized bass. :)
More later...maybe I will one day blog regularly....maybe.