Friday, September 26, 2008

God is good all the time

And all the time God is good.

We can praise God in the good times and in the bad. In the midst of health scares, economic turbulence, or natural disasters.

We can praise God while painting with a toddler, while singing Jesus Loves Me with Eli, Bryn, and Morgann, or running in the rain.

God is in control. He is good. He provides. He heals. Thats my King. Thats my God!

~Pray for my mommy that she gets better. She's the best mommy and Me-Maw in the whole wide world. We love her so much!

(Sometimes just writing it out helps solidify my faith. Thats what I'm doing now!)

P.S. Check out this YouTube video: Thats My King!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another change

A layout change to reflect Autumn in NH. This was taken from Mt. Kearsarge in Warner NH. We hike it every fall. Its an easy 1 mile hike with a fantastic view. Oooh how I love autumn in New Hampshire. The leaves haven't really started to change yet in Southern NH, but it will be soon. I can feel it. My tenant, Janet and I were just discussing yesterday about how we can start making soups and baking again. Mmmm. I love it! Marie made a fantastic mushroom barley soup that I ate while watching the kiddos yesterday:-)

Currently we are playing "chicken" to see how long we can last with out turning on the heat. I think Rich will break first - or perhaps Sarah will beg us to turn it on:-)

I better get back to work, I am taking a break from doing the end-of-the month checks for the New Hampshire Baptist Association. Happy Weekending!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Somehow I just realized today, that it already the later half of September. How did that happen?

Morgann and I have enjoyed a quiet day here today: just playing with her favorite stuffed animals: piggy, chick, and penguin, making alphabet soup, playing in the yard, just sweet fun.

Here's a picture from back when she was a baby. Her first Autumn:-) I'm looking forward to lots more fun autumn days with my girl:-)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Change. Yes we can???

So I changed my blog background. The funny thing about these elections is that the candidates both keep talking about change. But in reality, people really do not like change. Just take a look at Facebook and the protest group of a million because they are changing the look. People are really upset about that little change. I'm not a huge fan of the New Facebook, but I digress.

Speaking of politics, I'm so over this election season. It has gotten disgusting. The media especially disgusts me to no end with their obvious bias and spins. My newest disgust: Charlie Gibson's hack job on the Palin interview. All the cutting and editing they did is disgusting. And the questions they asked her in comparison to Obama's is an embarrassment to our country. Seriously. Okay, I used the word disgust way too many times in this paragraph. But all this to say, I'm avoiding media and dumb blog coverage until November.

I also put a yard sign out hoping to detract the amount of people at my door hoping for support, alas, it doesn't seem to work. You'd think a yard sign would be enough. Obviously, not.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh the places she will go

Morgann on her first day of school. Can you tell how excited she is? I made her pose for a picture in the parking lot before going inside:-)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bite the Bullet

  • ~Morgann started preschool back on Wednesday. She loves it. She doesn't want to go home at the end of the day and has new girlfriends.
  • ~Sarah has a job offer (and probably another one on the way). We are praying for the RIGHT job for her!
  • ~Rich and I spent Thursday through this afternoon at Mount Snow in Vermont for a Pastor's Encouragement Retreat. It is an awesome ministry of Phil Waldrep for SBC pastors and their wives of New England. Rich and I had a great time. We did almost absolutely nothing yesterday besides worship, eat, watch t.v, and a comedy act. How relaxing!! Thank you Sarah for watching the bug.
  • ~We are signed up for foster classes beginning in about 2 weeks. We are excited and ready for this next step:-) We want to do foster to adopt. I was just thinking today during our last worship session that we could have another kiddo in our family by winter. How wonderful that would be! Emotionally, its a little scary, but worth it.
  • ~Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday on a Tuesday

Labor Day weekend was fantastic. It was so nice relaxing. We spent most of it outside. We went to nearby lakes and canoed, fished, and swam. I didn't bring my camera, so I only have a few cell phone pictures. We took a kid, Tykell, from the community center with us on Sunday afternoon. He lives in a messed up situation. Like really, really messed up. He said that Sunday was one of the best days of his life as he was leaving. Seriously, I want Tykell to come live with us. I see so much potential in him. God, we ask that You work a miracle in Tykell's life and with his family.

Yesterday was as bit more laid back and relaxing. We hung out in the morning, sold a stove on Craigslist (I love Craigslist!!) and then went on a 6-mile bike ride. It was sunny and relaxing! We went over to the Hasty's for a cookout and the kids played (very loudly). Morgann has gotten very LOUD lately. My ears are tired. She starts preschool back tomorrow and I will start working more at McLane. I'm not ready to admit that summer is over, however, it will be nice to have her back in pre-school, and get a bit more work done. Speaking of which, I really ought to go do some bookkeeping....

Have a great week!