Saturday, September 13, 2008

Change. Yes we can???

So I changed my blog background. The funny thing about these elections is that the candidates both keep talking about change. But in reality, people really do not like change. Just take a look at Facebook and the protest group of a million because they are changing the look. People are really upset about that little change. I'm not a huge fan of the New Facebook, but I digress.

Speaking of politics, I'm so over this election season. It has gotten disgusting. The media especially disgusts me to no end with their obvious bias and spins. My newest disgust: Charlie Gibson's hack job on the Palin interview. All the cutting and editing they did is disgusting. And the questions they asked her in comparison to Obama's is an embarrassment to our country. Seriously. Okay, I used the word disgust way too many times in this paragraph. But all this to say, I'm avoiding media and dumb blog coverage until November.

I also put a yard sign out hoping to detract the amount of people at my door hoping for support, alas, it doesn't seem to work. You'd think a yard sign would be enough. Obviously, not.

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Tasha Via said...

I completely understand. I hate the endless bashing!!!