Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday on a Tuesday

Labor Day weekend was fantastic. It was so nice relaxing. We spent most of it outside. We went to nearby lakes and canoed, fished, and swam. I didn't bring my camera, so I only have a few cell phone pictures. We took a kid, Tykell, from the community center with us on Sunday afternoon. He lives in a messed up situation. Like really, really messed up. He said that Sunday was one of the best days of his life as he was leaving. Seriously, I want Tykell to come live with us. I see so much potential in him. God, we ask that You work a miracle in Tykell's life and with his family.

Yesterday was as bit more laid back and relaxing. We hung out in the morning, sold a stove on Craigslist (I love Craigslist!!) and then went on a 6-mile bike ride. It was sunny and relaxing! We went over to the Hasty's for a cookout and the kids played (very loudly). Morgann has gotten very LOUD lately. My ears are tired. She starts preschool back tomorrow and I will start working more at McLane. I'm not ready to admit that summer is over, however, it will be nice to have her back in pre-school, and get a bit more work done. Speaking of which, I really ought to go do some bookkeeping....

Have a great week!


Brent &Abigail said...

I love craigslist. We're going to go pick up a bookcase for our house tonight!

Brent &Abigail said...

we'll be praying for tykell. How fun that he was able to spend time with you