Thursday, August 21, 2008

pool bums

Sarah, being a good influence to my cartoon crazed daughter, has introduced the Olympics to Morgann. However, either due to the personality of my girly-girl, princess playing Morgann, or perhaps a three year olds inability to pronounce 3-5 syllable words correctly, Morgann now fondly calls the games, the "Oh Lipsticks." She really enjoys watching swimming, and much to my pride, likes watching the women swim.

We have been going to the pool quite a bit this summer and Morgann has been trying to swim. After watching the women swim, Sarah asked Morgann if she would go under if she had goggles like the Oh Lipstick swimmers. Morgann agreed. Thus, Sarah and I spent a good part of Tuesday in search of goggles for Morgann to wear at the pool. Morgann wants to swim, yet detests sticking her head under the water. Sarah finally found some goggles yesterday. Thus yesterday Morgann put them to the test in her kiddie pool (it was also about 68 outside and breezy). Her lips were getting blue by the time she got out. How is it that 3 year olds can with stand such frigid water? We tried today at the pool some dunking and swimming.....she has a ways to go still...but its fun being pool bums. At the Varney Pool Oh Lipsticks, we are definitely the gold medalists.

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Lacey said...

Hilarious. Your daughter is cute and your daughter is hilarious.