Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cell phone etiquette

What is the correct cell phone etiquette these days? Or is there even one?

Like many of you, I grew up with out caller ID and voicemail. In fact, most of the time, my parents did not have an answering machine. I do remember for a while having an answering machine that was a tape, that you had to rewind if you had a message. It broke sometime and my parents liked living with out it. They didn't have to worry about who called or calling any one back. Oh the good old days.

Now we are a cell-phone only family. My phone is always on - unless I forget to charge it and it dies. I'm not nearly as attached to my cell phone as Rich. His never dies and is attached to his hip almost all the time. I leave mine in my bag, in the car, let it die, and forget to turn the ringer back on often. It drives Rich crazy at times. So I miss most of my calls.

So if someone calls you, you see there caller ID. Do you call them back because you see there name/number? Or do you only call back if they leave a message?

If I call someone and don't leave a message, I don't expect them to call me back. There are a few exceptions: my husband and Marie (we have an oral agreement over the proper etiquette for our phone calls)

This is what I do. Now I'm being totally honest, which perhaps reveals some bad qualities of mine...

If I'm expecting a call and miss it, I'll call back with out a message

If I'm busy, you leave a message, I might forget to call back. I need to write more things down.

If I'm cranky/upset, I won't call back and probably won't call back if you leave a message at least for a day or so. Its not you, its me.

If its Emma, I'll call back in a few days with or with out a message. I always try to find time when its quiet (NEVER) and I can think to talk (RARE). Thus, I should just call back right away.

If you call me twice in a row, I won't call back.
Unless its like mom, Marie, or Rich and then I know its important. This one guy from church will call seriously like five times in a row and yeh, I just click ignore.

If its Rich, Matt, Marie, Greg, and a few others, I call back right away for the most part with or with out a message.

If its a work related call, well, usually they leave a message so I call back once I get it.

If its a number I don't know, I don't call back unless there is a message. I really don't like: "Hi, who is this? you called my phone calls."

If its a friend, but not like a really really close friend or someone I do not know that well, I call back only with a message because I'm unsure if we are in that type of relationship where I should call back with just a "missed call" on my phone. For example, my friend Pam. She usually leaves a message. She just had twins, so perhaps if she called today, I'd call back regardless, because I want an update:-)

But don't think I don't like you if I don't call you back. My phone is probably dead in my van and my van is a mess, so I can't find it because when I use Rich's phone to call it, it lays lifelessly under a a pair of toddler shoes and a Winnie the Pooh book.

I think I'd go back to the whole landline with out voicemail if it was possible. But its not, Rich and I both have three jobs and rely one of which we are required to be on call 24/7, plus its nice to be able to drive and talk....

oops, I just remembered I never called Morgan back. But we did post to each other on blogger. Does that count?


Lacey said...

Kevin and Riley say that I do not deserve to own a phone because I always leave it in my messy Suburban and it is always dead in the wrong bag or something. So I get it!!

Tasha Via said...

That is so funny. I never really thought about it like that=)

Brent &Abigail said...

brent laughed because he said i could've written that blog. I do the same thing with my cell phone. Half the time its dead or in the car or in the bottom of the diaper bag and i never hear it in time and then i never remember to check messages. so realy people have learned to call brent because for some reason his is always charged and always near him.