Saturday, August 2, 2008


We've been on the road for the past week. We had a nice trip, but it is so wonderful to be home and sleep in our own bed! We first headed down to Newport, OH for a family reunion. After that, we headed to Weirton, WV to help Ron and Lynn (Rich's mom and dad) pack up to move to SC. After that, we went camping near Lake Winnepesauki.

Rich and Morgann by the campfire. We had a wicked thunderstorm while we were out, and we came back to the fire pit filled to the top with water. Rich, the determined one, still got a fire going!

Not a very good picture....but all of us by the campfire.

And this one is from when we took our team from FL up to the lighthouse in Maine. Rich proposed to me here 7 1/2 years ago:-) The team had a great time and we made a lot of new connections and a few people prayed to receive Christ. Pray that they GROW!!

On a note of praise, we are very thankful for friend Greg and that God brought him into our lives. He lives upstairs in the apartment we rent out. When we travel, he always looks after things. He noticed a former church attender who has recently made some very poor choices hanging around the park by our house so he kept his eye out for us. One evening, this man was at our home when Greg returned. Greg scared him off. This man was arrested last night for a home invasion. Thank you Greg and praise God for his protection.

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sarah said...

Hey guys,
For some reason reading that Rich proposed 7 1/2, I thought, it can't be that long ago! Makes me feel a little old. Time goes by fast!! I also wanted to comment that it makes me happy that your blog is called hokies in new hampshire :)

Sarah Gouger