Friday, October 7, 2011

Helping Hands

I can't help but want to brag on this little girl - E - in Morgann's class. Her little heart is just bursting with love and compassion to my Isaiah. It warms this mama's heart like no

other. Every week, I help with lunch at Morgann's fantastic school -Grace Christian School . Isaiah loves this time. I have a nurse at home with Kaden during this time, so its just me and my little buddy. After lunch is recess and E takes over. Morgann and E's twin G also play some with Zay, but really, its E leading the way. This week, I brought Isaiah's bronco so he could be more mobile and E quickly learned how to help him walk. She lovingly helped move his legs when they got stuck after taking a step. She helped steer him. She spent her whole recess helping and encouraging Zay Zay to walk. No therapist could accomplish what she did during thirty minutes. Zay was all smiles the whole time. He worked hard. After about 20 minutes, she asked if we could lift his seat up some so she could have him go fast. I lifted his seat and they took off through the parking lot. Zay's face totally lit up in delight. The thing is, E. really didn't know that she was doing therapy with Zay Zay. She also didnt realize she sacrificed her fun recess time for therapy. She did it because she loves Zay. It wasn't a chore. And you know what, I need that same attitude as I serve my little people. It is a joy to be there mom - not a chore. Thats an attitude I really need to start taking on with a purpose!

And speaking of my little people....Sesame Street is over...and they want me. And thats my joyful job - to be there for them!