Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This little man. Kaden. He is tough cookie these days. He is OH SO VERY opinionated. He likes to get his way. (Who doesn't?!?) But its tough because he is not verbal. And we don't know what he wants. And he completely lacks all patience. I know. He's three. Three year olds do that. So we are stumped on how to discipline and direct him. He can let us know "Yes" or "No" on the iPad. Do you want a drink? "YES" Do you want to go to bed: "NO". But then we wonder if something hurts him and I do not think he has that concept down. So I tried Advil and Zantac this week to see if perhaps its pain. And he wants to be on the go during all waking hours. And while I love doing things, its just not feasible to be always going somewhere. I did find at lunch today as he whined between bites because he wanted the food faster than I was feeding him, that doing some deep pressure touches on his arm and speaking quietly but firmly did stop the whining. "No Kaden. Its Isaiah's turn. You need to wait." I'm open to suggestions on how to help Kaden not be such a whiner...and screamer. Because when he's not getting his way he's screaming. Everyone says how good he is when we are out - its true. He's super happy when we are on the go. But our biggest challenge is at home. We want him to have a happy heart when its time to just play on the mat. Because mama has to shower sometimes, ya know:) Got any ideas? I'm all ears.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Normal

Over in this Hokie household, we are working on learning American Sign Language. Though the boys, only can, sign a few signs, they seem to be understanding more and more signs. I can sign "Boys, lets go play in your bedroom." And they get very excited and look towards their room and put their arms up to be picked up. So I definitely think they get it! When I sign "Lets put our shoes on for school." They get excited and clap their hands. And more importantly, don't take OFF their shoes because they have learned they NEED to keep their shoes on to go to school. Morgann is becoming a great signer. She signs all the time like second nature. Me, on the otherhand, I have to think about it to remember to sign. I am getting a bit better. So to our friends and family, I encourage you to start learning some basic signs to start to be able to communicate with the boys.
My favorite website thus far to learn signs is: I also like the iPad/iPod app - Smart Hands. Worth the $1-2 for the full app.