Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home sweet Home

My little boy and I were able to come home around 3 a.m. on Saturday morning. A very exhausted and grumpy and sleep deprived Kaden in combination with a nurse who knows us well and a busy ER full of kids needing admitted allowed us to go home and heal at home.

Kaden is doing much better. He is back on room air and only needs a smidge of oxygen when he sleeps (if he decides to keep the cannula on). He is very happy to be home. Even though he is a boy of few words: "Go" and "all done" were two well used words while inpatient. Poor guy.

Please do keep him in your prayers. We are not sure why Kaden started to desat without symptoms. His monitor really did save him. We are thankful for our good care at Elliot. I am trying to put my faith in front of my fear. Kaden is God's kid. I will do my best to be the best mom to Kaden but he is ultimately in God's hands. I have to live in faith, not fear. And right now, its a bit hard. I get very anxious leaving Kaden even to go to the grocery store. I need to put my faith into action and trust God...

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marywick said...

God knows your sweet heart and hears your prayers...Kaden does belong to God and he is in your good care and love...this is your life following Jesus...I love you...mom