Monday, December 12, 2011

God knows even when we dont

I've known this for a while, but our first foster placement "Little Dude" is in foster care again. He's actually been in foster care now for about two years.

When we heard he was back in care (last fall), I was upset that they didn't call us to place him.I found out on Saturday at our Foster Care Christmas Party, he went back into care in Dec 09 - which was in the middle of our now adopted sons huge health crisis. We were in and out of the hospital NON-STOP. We spent around 192 days inpatient during that time period. As much as we loved Little Dude, it was just not the time or place for him to re-join our family. I remember once, on the way to visit Kaden at the hospital, I saw his mom and him walking down the street. I turned around and watched them walk. I had a decent relationship with his mom and wanted to stop her and just chat. But then I realized that I had new important priorities. God had entrusted Kaden to us and I needed to be with him. I drove on, happy to catch a glimpse of his sweet face.

God knew our twins needed us. And we needed them. And we are blessed.

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