Wednesday, December 28, 2011


K means Fighter. Though we did not name our little man, his name was rightly chosen.

He is one spunky monkey. And very opinionated. A little man of few words. He only speaks when its really necessary. GO! ALL DONE! are his two most uttered words.

He is VERY attached to his pacifier, whom we call Mr. Binks. However, our little man is three and even though his teeth already have suffered a bit of damage due to Mr. Binks, its time for Mr. Binks to start leaving. He uses binks mostly as a chew toy.

Kids with feeding tubes are typically encouraged to use a pacifier since oral stimulation typically ceases due to no longer eating by mouth. However, Kaden, eats and drinks by mouth but still wants to be chewing/sucking on things most of the day. Which developmentally speaking, is appropriate because of his delays.

We have tried a few replacements: Chew Tubes, Teethers shaped similar to pacifers. To which he has had no interest.

Then he got a Little People toy for Christmas. Her name is Maggie. Maggie is now K's best friend. Its only been a few days but he has taken quite an attachment to Maggie. So much so, he no longer is using Mr. Binks during the day.

So I think we have a new milestone. And I think soon Mr. Binks will be able to go away at night as well.

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marywick said...

any significance to the name "Maggie" hmmmm he chews on her hmmmm and who named it...hmmm...heehee love you!!!