Friday, December 2, 2011

American Made Christmas

The Christmas before we got the boys - I guess it was 3 Christmases ago, I tried to buy 100% American made gifts (minus Morgann's desired My Little Pony). It was a hard task to accomplish, but I did it.

So this year, I upped the ante. (Glutton for punishment, perhaps?) And I am working on not only just American only gifts, but trying to buy the majority as local gifts as well. Concord has a Pop Up Holiday Shop, Concord Handmade, with great local gifts for sale. Two of my favorite local businesses owned by two of my best friends are selling there: REDEMPTION SOAP and Fistful of Daisies.

Anyway. I'd just encourage you to buy a few Christmas gifts this year that are local and American made.

I know having kids who have a wish list makes it a bit harder to get them what they want, however, I found a couple of fun things that are American made: Silly Putty, American published Books, and Little Tykes makes quite a few toys in the US. I am thinking of getting the boys this Activity Gym.

Oh, and for the angler in your family. I found this lure business that has some great gift ideas, Salty Buggers. They have some really cool kits where you design your own bait. It looks like a pretty cool project. Rich said he would enjoy doing something like that if he was not already knee-deep in projects. :)

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