Monday, August 31, 2009

In Limbo

It feels like this past week, I've been just hanging in there and waiting. Things are about the same with K: he's still up at CHaD. He seems tired of being there. Baby I started daycare and that has been a tremendous help. I feel like we have no great direction or plan right now with how life will be after K is discharged and I'm supposed to start doing Pre-K stuff with Morgann. She is begging me to do school and teach her to read.. The planner in me doesn't like that. I know things will work. The Bible tells us in fact that it will work out, however, my plans are not God's plans and His timing is not my timing, and I just need to wait. Waiting is hard. Probably a lot harder than God intended it to be, however, I make it hard.

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Sabasue said...

I was talking to this lady about how its seems like all my plans in life have seemed to have gone the drain, and she just said to me, "They say if you wanna make God laugh, tell Him YOUR plans."

I'd say you are doing a lot better than me listening to His plans and ya'll really are doing a fantastic job.