Friday, August 14, 2009

Funny faces

People are fascinated by twins. I know I like to look at twin babies and coo. However, our twins don't exactly match us at all. They don't look a thing like Rich or myself. Me, being a hyper-Caucasian, especially look nothing like these sweet little bundles of joy (and poop, spit-up, and drool).

Leaving the hospital, we were stopped about 3 times by people who wanted to coo at these little boys. They'd first look at the babies, make funny baby noises, say how cute the boys were and then look at me and Morgann. Then their face would say it all - how did they get babies that look like that? I even had one well meaning, but out of line lady ask me: Do they look like their father? My bad response: I don't know. Hahahaha!

Last night, we went on a walk, this time with Rich, and we got the same reactions. It was kind of funny, but also makes the puritan in myself want to say: I promise! I did not cheat on my husband!

Oh the funny joys of fostering.


Erik & Sarah said...

how funny! the rest of the world know better that you didn't cheat on your husband. even if i thought it about someone's kid, i definitely wouldn't say it to their face! oh well, you know why you're doing this foster care thing and i must say you guys are holding up really well!

Brent and Abigail said...

thats so funny. I love your response to that question :) haha