Tuesday, August 4, 2009

That Mom

Rich, Morgann, and I went to Maine for a long weekend. We had a super fabulous trip. It was nice to get away from people and spend time together. As most of you know, we lost our sweet little foster baby last week and we really needed the time to heal.

But that's not really the point of my post, just the setting.

On our journeys in Maine, we headed to Freeport for the evening. We had planned on going to a free Blue's Traveler's concert at LL Bean. Now, Freeport is a quaint idyllic Maine town that has sold out to commercialism, yet, cons its visitors into thinking that they are not in fact being commercialistic because the outlets are all located in historic buildings. I could blog on about that being the ultimate sell-out of all, but thats still not my point. Perhaps another day...
The atmosophere of Freeport is described basically as: LL Bean wearing, reusable bag toting, Mclaren stroller pushing, caucasian shoppers (who in fact are a lot like me.)

It was a bit crowded and Rich and I just weren't feeling it there. We wanted to get away from people and were just a bit critical of Freeport because basically outlets have somehow taken over the entire historic downtown village area. We were being just a tad bit judgemental, no doubt.

But a cute little local candy shop sucked us in. They had a big display of kiddie candies - paper dots, gold coins, lipstick candy, wax bottles, candy necklaces, all the good stuff - even totally un-politically correct candy cigarettes! Then I saw whistle pops. Morgann was allowed to pick out 4 pieces of candy - she had chosen a candy necklace, a lipstick candy, Neccos and was debating the last one - and I, being That Mom, pointed out the whistle pop to Morgann - Morgann look! A whistle pop! You can make noise while you have candy!! She was more than delighted. We paid our $1.10 for her candy picks and left the store. She picked out her first piece of candy, which of course, as the whistle pop. I happily gave it to her and she began to loudly whistle her whistle pop. I just laughed. I was then That Mom who allowed her little girl to loudly whistle her whistle pop while going from store to store (while not purchasing anything.) Rich said that I would end up on some mom's blog about how dare that other mom let her daughter disturb everyone with that darn whistle pop. After she finished her whistle pop, we decided to skip the concert and just head on to Bath, Me, where we enjoyed a quiet evening out in a non-crowded, less touristy town.


Sabasue said...

whistle while you work!!

Lacey said...

You make me laugh! And I want to read a blog anout the crass comercialism. I am sure it would be great.
And I hate ring pops, but I watched silently as Kevin purchased one for three of our children today.

Maggie Michael said...

oh whistle pops... love them

Erik & Sarah said...

Now you know she will be begging for them from now on, so you'll be "that mom" more frequently now! Love it!