Saturday, September 5, 2009

3 kids...

All three kids are at home now:) We are very happy Baby K is home and mostly healthy. Please keep his health in your prayers as he is medically very fragile.

We will have 40 hours a week of nursing care for him. I'm thankful for that - and will be able to get some good sleep some nights as he is on monitors that alarm quite often.

My brain is mush.

I hear that being pregnant is what takes part of your brain away. I don't agree. It is the kids, they must somehow suck it out when you are changing their diapers. :)

We have three kids. That is crazy. Not so much having three children is crazy, but going from one kid, to two, back to one, then to three, two of which are babies, is a bit crazy. And its only been 12 weeks since we became "true" foster parents.

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Brent and Abigail said...

you have had a crazy summer! glad both babies are with you now. and i agree i think its the changing diapers and night time feeds that sucks your brain :) we're praying for the five of you.