Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cheese with your whine?

Our sweet, sweet foster son, K is back in the hospital. This time he's in Boston. My heart breaks for this little trooper. We had quite an experience on Sunday - complete with me and Rich getting our first ambulance rides. We told K that he better get a good job when he grows up to help repay all the tax dollars he's been spending lately. But I do have very high hopes for this little boy when he grows up. He is going to be something special.

Today I am just sad. Sad for K. Sad for us. Sad for Morgann. Sad for baby I. Just sad. My tear-factory is flowing. Our hearts, energy, souls, time, and lack of sleep are wrapped up in this special little boy. Part of me doesn't know how long we can continue doing what we are doing. The other part never wants to lose him. I'm sure other parents of medically fragile children feel what we are feeling. In fact, I saw it in their eyes yesterday while down at the Children's hospital. 11 floors of hospital comitted to caring for kids. Its overwhelming.

I have been spoiled by Morgann's perfect health. We've had one sick visit and she's never even had antibiotics or a prescription in her 4.5 years of life. We see Dr. T once a year and he marvels at her immune system. I'm blessed by that. Now, when I travel with K, my car is filled with medical supplies that are worth at least 5x the amount of our vehicle.

And today, I am just...sad. Please pray for us and our sweet little K.


Hope said...

Thank you for your kind words. Airway children break my heart. It never seems to end, does it? You and your sweet family are in my prayers.

Abbey said...

Nope, it never does end. I can't really blog details of K's health here because he's our foster son - so I won't really update besides "He's in the hospital" or "he's having surgery."

Things aren't good right now though:(