Sunday, September 13, 2009

A weekend away

Every weekend after Labor Day, Rich and I are blessed to attend the Pastor's Encouragement Retreat sponsored by Phil Waldrep ministries. It is a wonderful, relaxing, encouraging, and basically spoiling weekend sponsored by people who have a passion for providing a weekend of solace for New England pastors and their wives. Being able to come together with so many people in the same situations as us and sharing with one another is also a precious time. (I also met two other foster parenting couples!) Rich and I look forward to this weekend every year.

Dad and Sarah came down last week for Morgann to take her to VA for a week. I hear she is having a fabulous time - though I miss her a lot today! We were able to get respite care for the boys. They seemed to have a good weekend there.

And us, well we had a perfect weekend. The retreat was great, the speakers were inspiring, the food was delicous, and we went canoeing and fishing and the fish were biting - we caught 8 in two hours! It was lovely. And the weather was perfect to boot. Life seems a bit easier to tackle after weekends like these. We are refreshed and ready to take on our crazy lives again:-)

P.S. Who wants the kids next year Sept 9-11? Anyone??


Lacey said...

Oh - I am SOOO glad you guys go to that - that some very smart, very loving person designed that concept for you guys!!

And I volunteer for kid-watching for the next year's trip! (But I imagine I'll have some people to fight that out with!)

Jamison Family said...

so glad you all got a chance to get away!

Brent and Abigail said...

Love the picture of you two. And so glad it was a refreshing weekend for you both!