Sunday, May 3, 2009

Let the Little Children Come

I haven't had a topic to blog about recently. We've been up to our normal activities: church, chaplaincy, work, community center, and random craziness. But also busy squeaking in any spare minutes outside - its been so beautiful. I am convinced that New Englanders enjoy warm weather than any other region. If its warm, everyone is out doors. Lawn chairs in driveways. Canoes on the rooftops. Neighbors hanging out. Yard work. Kids on the loose, which we call "Feral Children." On any given sunny day, our yard is filled with the feral children. I am praying for ways to reach these kids with the Good News of Jesus and the hope they can find in Him. Personally, I know quite a few of these kids have rough home lives. So we just love on these Feral Yard children. Morgann LOVES it. We are also praying for a good deal on a new swingset. We have an older one thats not so safe due to wild feral children;) Its all good though.

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Brent and Abigail said...

haha love that you call the feral children. what a great way to love on them. they all look like they are having a great time!