Thursday, April 16, 2009

Repost from 2008

We are Virginia Tech.

As we remember those that were lost a year ago (now two years), I want to also remember the beauty of Virginia Tech. VT holds a special place in the heart of anyone who has attended or even visited. Whenever we visit, I totally miss those days. I took a lot of it for granted - the beautiful setting, the tight community, the good food, the freedom.

Remember when.....

  • we moved in as freshmen? I was so scared.

  • we ice skated on the Duck Pond that really cold winter (Junior Year) Me, Ambo and Chad.

  • walking across the drillfield. (a million times.)

  • Our first kiss in the stairwell of New Res. East.

  • (OK, only Rich should remember that one!)

  • Navy ball. Mil ball. Ring dance.

  • Best of times!

  • playing "Would you be my friend if....I stuck bubblegum in your hair?" Only if you ate it afterwards!


  • Primetime in the chapel. Live from Blacksburg....iits primetime. (Old School Cru Meetings)

  • Fireworks on the drillfield.

  • We didn't have cell phones...we had IM and ICQ.

  • Sunday night coffee at oh, gosh, I can't remember the name - the coffee shop next to the Rivermill, that had a cat in there. (I remember now, Bollo's. Of course!)

  • Going out. I don't drink at all anymore, but we had some fun times playing pool.

  • Football games. Emma and I one season always painted VT's on our faces. Jon, her future husband would paint his whole head.

  • There is nothing better than a crisp, sunny autumn day in Lane Stadium, Hokies winning of course!I'll never forget our time there.

We'll never forget the 32 that were killed. Virginia Tech will prevail. It will always be a magical place. Morgann told me on this visit that she wanted to go to school here. I hope she does. I hope she does!

I think about that day two years ago. I was in our fourth floor apartment on Wayne Street. Sitting on our maroon painted couch on the phone with Emma. Staring in disbelief at the television. It was ten o'clock or so. Time stood still. I called mom. I called Maggie. I called Sarah. SARAH?? Where is Sarah?? I got on Hokie SPA to look up classes in Norris. I remember Sarah had some class the *could* be in Norris. Of course I didn't know which class it was exactly....Finally mom called. Sarah was safe, heartbroken, but safe. Relief. Then sadness. What about the parents and siblings that did not get that call? My prayers are with those families today.

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