Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yellow Dog

We have a favorite local icecream shop -The Goldenrod. They make their own icecream and its wicked good.

I have (another) theory that New Englanders also like ice cream more than any other region. We have many many delicious local places that open seasonally. Our out-of-town guests always comment on the selection when we visit. But Goldenrod is our favorite. My favorite flavor is "Graham Cracker." It is graham cracker flavored ice-cream with chocolate covered crunchy graham chipsand swirled with crushed graham cracker crumbs. I love it. In fact if I was ten years old, I would marry it. It's that good.

Our friend, Ryan from Florida also shares in our enthusiasm for the Goldenrod. Last summer we took him one time. The next day he wanted to go again.However, he kept saying he wanted to go to "The Yellow Dog", it took a while but we figured out where he wanted to go. Happily we obliged.

So, here's our first summah trip to the Yellow Dog. It was after Morgann's school concert. (I know its not summer officially, but hey, we have no snow on the ground, thus its summer in my book!)

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Maggie Michael said...

I cant wait to see that munchkin!

Will said...

It's true - you can't throw a rock around New England without hitting an ice cream stand. They're almost as prevalent as Dunkin' Donuts.

While I'm partial to Cremeland, I must admit GoldenRod does have the best peanut butter fudge ice cream I've ever tasted.