Thursday, January 1, 2009

525,600 minutes

How do you measure a year?

In snowfall? We had over 118" inches of snow in 2008.

In fun trips? We started 2008 out with a visit with cousin Noah. He stayed with us for a week. We went to Virginia for Sarah's graduation. We went down to CT for a retreat. We went to NYC to see Myxy and then down to VA again for a fourth of July party. We went to Ohio for a family reunion, then on down (or was it up or over) to West Virginia to help Rich's parents move to SC. And then to Vermont for a lovely weekend away just Rich and I. Then we went down to SC to help them out after the fire.

Or all the great church events and community events? I did a slide show for the church and was amazed at all that God was able to accomplish in 2008. Weekly Church, Sky Show, 3 Block Parties, 3 Neighborhood Cleanups, 1 Sports Camp, 1 VBS, weekly Community Centers, Camping Trip, Job Skills Class, Financial Literacy Class, Harvest Party, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas party. God is good. Now we have an awesome opportunity to help out a group of refugees from Nepal.

Or as in Rent, in love? I love my God, I love my family, our friends, our church, our ministry. I love New Hampshire. And Morgann, she loves chocolate!


Lacey said...

What a great entry!! And oh my goodness - what a fantastic chocolate photo and face!!

Oma said...

great thoughts; great photo

Maggie Michael said...

That is gross morgann! But Hilarious!

sarah said...

Great recap of the year. God is good! I'm excited to see all He do 09. Colin also shares Morgann's love of chocolate! I do as well :)

sarah said...

all God DOES in 09, I don't know how to fix the grammer in the previous posting but felt the need to correct the error! I think it's because part of my job is editor and proofing weekly publications!