Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nepali Refugees

We have been incredibly blessed by the opportunity to work with a group of Nepali refugees. They are so hospitable and make the most amazing dishes!

"Here is a little explanation of the influx of Nepali people we are seeing. Our new friends are of Nepali descent but were born in the country of Bhutan. About 17 years ago, Bhutan threw out the Nepali people. Most of them went back to Nepal, but not having been born there, they had no citizenship in their home country. Nepal set up three refugee camps for them. 17 years later they are still in these camps, but of course there are many more of them now. The US made a commitment to take 60,000 of these refugees between 2008-2012. We have learned that there are around 200 in Manchester now, with more coming.
Please pray with us as we try to reach these people for Christ.

- Pray that we form deep friendships that allow us to live out the love of Christ.
- Pray for them to find jobs before their government support runs out.
- Pray that our people at church will welcome new friends and be flexible to any changes we may make in the near future." from Marie Hasty's newsletter

We have a new friend, Amos, who is Nepali working with us this week. He is praying about moving to Manchester to help us out. That would be awesome!

Below is a Union Leader (NH newspaper) article about the Nepalese. Thanks to Will Stewart for his continued support! I think you can click on it to read it.

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