Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Soap Box

I really think the inauguration today is a bit disgusting. Yes, I am a proponent for LESS government not more. But that’s not really the reason. I would be disgusted no matter who won the presidency for spending 120 million on the event. A one day event! I just feel if they spent a "mere" 10 million, it could be done simply, beautifully, and celebrate the historic presidency - then designated 110 million to non-profits that help the poor - homeless - single moms - hardworking families who are having a hard time paying for there heat, like most of us in NH - it would be so much better spent. 110 non-profits receiving a million dollars would impact the lives of people perhaps for a lifetime, not a one day event.

I am proud that NH Gov. John Lynch (D) did in fact scale down his inaugural events to just a swearing in ceremony - cancelled the ball. He did the right thing.

In economic times like these, spending up to 200 million as some have reported for a one day event is irresponsible. Plain and Simple. It’s a slap in the face to those who work hard and are having a very hard time making ends meet.

Clinton spent 33 million on his inauguration. Bush 45 million (and was heavily criticized for spending so much).


Lacey said...

Your soap box is right on. Oh my goodness...how can a man who ran on the premise of change for the people be okay with an event that costs the very people who probably elected him?

It is ridiculous - and it isn't about who the inauguration is for - it's about the incredible waste our nation loves to justify to entertain itself.


Wickle said...

Abbey, I saw your comment over on OneMom's blog, and your being from New Hampshire caught my eye.

I live in Farmington.

Anyway ... I agree with you about the inaugural expense. Beyond the millions that were spent for the inauguration, what about all of the money spent by people trying to be there?

Anyway ... Greetings!

Tasha Via said...

I didn't even think about that. Hmmm...