Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

A few pictures from Christmas. A wonderful, relaxing day. Rich and I love that Morgann's favorite gift - a pony castle was made from $6 mistint pink paint and scrap wood. Aunt Beth sent vintage tin kitchen furniture that fits perfectly. Sarah's princesses and the ponies are living the large life in the castle.

Our tree

Magnetic wooden dolls to dress up

The pony castle and newest pony - Star Song (made in China, but this was Morgann's only request for a Christmas present!)

Helping Uncle Kev open up a present

Ponies, Princesses, and a kitchen too!

Fishing at the creek on Christmas day.

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Morgan Gagnier said...

I love the toys Morgann got, that was a great castle. Are you guys doing anything for the VT game?