Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A post a day.

So my sister, Sarah, said I should post a blog a day. Lofty goal. But maybe I will try it until Christmas. I have a few ideas and topics whirling around in my brain.

Or I can just post cute pics of my kids.

Like this girl.

(Taken by the fabulous Sarah Dykens)

This girl. She's such a cool kid. Great big sister. Angry birds junkie. Just an awesome six (gulp, almost 7) year old.

I share more stories about her two little brothers. But this kid is pretty amazing too. She is growing into such a wonderful young lady. Last night she washed dishes for me. I like that she is getting to the age of taking over the dishes washing :) She loves to read to her brothers and to me and Rich.

I am so blessed to have a kid like her!

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