Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holding them back.

My boys are not babies.

They are toddlers.

They may LOOK like babies. They may ACT most of the time like babies.

but the thing is. They are not babies.

They are little boys.

Who understand far more than babies.

And this is where I confess - I have been thinking and treating them like babies for too long.

On our recent trip to Virginia we were going to meet Rich's parents at the hotel. But we needed to get gas first. We knew stopping and NOT getting the boys out of the van would make them mad. Rich explained to the boys that we were stopping to get gas and they would have to stay in the van. He told them after we got gas, we would be able to get out a few minutes later.
....and it worked. They listened and understood. Amazing.

We've had them in cribs until last night (well not at my parents) The boys dont move much. They happily sit and play on their mat all day. (Much like our lazy cat) I kind of assumed that they couldn't crawl as really they just sit all day and fuss if we do put them on their tummies They can not get from laying to sitting. We are working on it and I know one day they will get it.

So my story is long I know. I'm getting to the point:)

So the mattress to their soon to be finished bed is on the floor in their room. And they are taking full advantage of their freedom. This morning, when I went in to get them, Isaiah was army crawling towards the door. And at naptime (which instead was playtime) Kaden made his way to the door and then started banging on it to get it.

I underestimate these little dudes. They have learned to adapt to their abilities. And now its time for me to start treating them like toddlers too.

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