Saturday, July 30, 2011

perfect ten

Ten years! Ten years ago I married my best friend and together we began our great adventure! In one sense, it seems like just yesterday we were married but on the other hand, it seems like its been forever (in a good way.)

10 years, 3 kids, one cat, and one dog later......I just feel blessed. I could not ask for a better partner, friend, lover, father to my kids, pastor to our church, medical advocate for our boys, than Rich.

Rich asked me as we ate dinner (at a great little restaurant in dowtown Portsmouth) if I ever though we'd be where we are when we first got married. Honestly. No. Never in my wildest dreams would we have 3 kids, two of which are adopted Honduran little princes with some crazy medical needs. Or helping plant a Nepalese church in New Hampshire.

But I would not trade our life for anything.

So blessed.

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