Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Playing Hookie

So I was a bad mom today. We skipped out on therapy (okay so I gave notice and cancelled in a timely manner.) Instead of putting on AFO's, we put on swim diapers and headed out to meet my friend and her awesome kids at the state park. The boys had fun sitting in the water and trying to eat sand while we weren't looking. Morgann swam around like a dolphin for a few hours and played her little heart out with her friends. We snacked, chatted, and stayed cool on this unusually hot for NH day. (we are wimps in NH, if the thermometer goes about 85, we tend to melt.)

It was normal.

It was relaxing.

I'm learning how to live our life. In the midst of therapies, surgeries, and clinics. Becoming brave. Going place with all three. Having fun with all three. And not feeling the least amount of guilt for cancelling therapy. Cause you know, eating sand is definitely some sort of occupational therapy.

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Lacey said...

I am certain that eating sand is therapy - for all of you guys!

So glad your adoption is final and so happy to see little glimpses of your days.