Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Run, Run, as fast as you can!

Loretta would like to run, run as fast as she can! But, sadly, I can only sustain a sprint for, eh, 1/10 a mile! But we went on a lovely run just a few minutes ago:) I wore....SHORTS! Its amazingly warm out - 52! Sweating never felt so good. I've kept up running this winter - but not as often as I would like - and as far as I would like - my lungs, I feel, freeze, running in 15 degrees. And I just don't sweat. Perhaps, I do sweat, and it just freezes immediately. Hmmm, that's a theory. I'm just beyond elated at the warm weather today.

I need to take a picture of my old Camry for those who asked still. I will. I promise!

I'm looking forward to running again tomorrow and in FL during winter vacation! Woohoo.

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sarah said...

You should come to richmond and run with me and sam in the monument 10k - it's a great run along the pretty street with all the monuments!