Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In my neverending quest to save money (God knew we'd be church planters and made me thrifty since childhood), I am devising a new grocery plan for the month. I have to admit, I have been way slack on keeping up with grocery expenses and attempting to save extra.

So since we moved here, I've seen in the paper an ad for JD Foods. They always had super low looking prices for meat BUT only accepted cash and honestly I am a wimp at trying unfamiliar places. If it wasn't for our Nepali friends, I still would have not gone to the Asian Market. So here's my new plan and the outcome thus far for the month.

We get rent (in cash) on the 3rd. So after depositing most of it, I went over to JD's to check it out. Its in an industrial park and not-so-glamourous. Its like SAM's Club, but much less attractive. But does that really matter? A nice guy works there and he was very helpful.
So I got:
10 lbs of shredded cheddar cheese @ 1.69/lb
5 lbs sliced lunch cheese @ 1.99/lb
10 lbs chicken breasts @ 1.69/lb
5 lbs. potatoes @ 1.69
2 loaves of bread @ 3.00
5 lbs. ground beef @ 1.89/lb

Total tab: $58

I estimate it will be enough meat for the month and we won't be buying sliced cheese until June (expiration date)

Time spent repackaging everything so I can freeze it: 10 minutes

So for the rest of the month I will be buying: Apples, Bananas, Lettuce/Spinach, Carrots, Cilantro, Yogurt for Morgann, crackers, hummus, Cereal, Rich's snack cakes, & milk & probably a trip to the bread outlet. I'll do one trip down to Trader Joes (get: hummus, apples, bananas, ygurt, cereal, salmon, & crackers for Morgann, and sushi for Sarah and I to devour) in my fuel efficient old Toyota and spend about $50, and if possible just spend $50 more at the regular grocery store for the rest of the month getting perishables.


Lacey said...

Hey Abbey - some friends of mine just had a coupon class at our house - I'm not kidding - and they showed us all these tips for saving cash on groceries and today I saved $23 on a fruit/veggies/bread/milk run. Those are always what we run out of first. Oh my goodness - it costs so much money to feed so many hungry people who live in this house. Plus, I have been planning my meals about two weeks in advance so I can use the leftovers properly to plan other meals and that is handy. We should start a savings blog - haha

Iz World said...

Hey Lacey, what did you learn in your coupon class? I'm all about saving money. I do most of our grocery shopping at Walmart and still spend way too much money, and we only get the basics.. not even specialty things. It's crazy how much food costs, any tips on saving money I would LOVE!

Jamison Family said...

That's great! I love shopping with coupons and seeing how much I can save. This is my fav. site. I trade coupons with other people so I can get more of the ones I actually will use.


Tasha Via said...

Hey that is AWESOME!!! Way to go=)

Brent and Abigail said...

thats awesome. we had a store like that open up near us recently and i need to check it out. meal planning helps us too save money each week/month. last week we only spent $35 on groceries :) we were saving for a big Trader Joe's run. I need to remember to freeze more cheese when its on sale since colin loves it. thanks for the tips for saving money. keep them coming