Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Morgann votes

Morgann doesn't typically like going with me or Rich to vote. As Rich jokes: The Cleggs vote early and vote often!

Being the political junkie that I am (or perhaps was after this long election process), I wanted to encourage her to enjoy going to the polls. I told her this morning that we were going to go vote, to which she cried: "NOooooooo. I don't like going to vote. I don't want to go vote!"

So I made her a ballot up. With pictures to choose and bubbles to fill in. So here are the long antcipated results:

In the race between kitty and dog: Kitty won
In the race between Red horse or Blue Horse: Blue horse won
In the race between Pink Elephant or Green Donkey: Pink elephant won (mmmm, perhaps there could be an investigation into the fairness of this race....)

So there you have it. God bless America! She was a bit disappointed that she could not put her ballot in the ballot machine, but then realized that she could color in the animals and was happy with that decision. The polling workers thought it was pretty darn cute as she proudly displayed her ballot to them:-)


Lacey said...

I love that Morgann chose the pink horse and I love her haircut - how very Madeline!!! So cute!! (Did you do it oh-multi-talented-one?)

Brent and Abigail said...

i also love her haircut. what a cutie! And I would have preferred her ballot over mine anyday :)

Maggie Michael said...

i would have chosen the puppy dog.
But she is still cute... I am sure she didn't want to go because Mike wasnt on the Ballot

Abbey said...

Yup, I cut it. Thanks:-)

I like her ballot as well.

Maggie, I'm sorry, but Morgann just isn't a dog person. (yet at least)

Oma said...

morgann looks so cute...and so much like you, abbey!
you do need to work on the dog issue, tho ;)

Tasha Via said...

How cute...so creative=) Rainy would have loved that! Maybe next time I'll borrow your idea=)