Friday, November 28, 2008

American Christmas Update 2

Avoiding all the good deals on Black Friday did require some self control. Oh how I love a good deal. Thankfully, we really don't need anything.

Morgann and I did go to Nini Bambini for our monthly La Leche League meeting that I lead! And I did partake in some Black Friday shopping! Nini Bambini is a locally owned baby boutique that carries oh so scrumptious baby items: lots of slings, baby carriers, cute diaper bags, shoes, clothes, baby legs, toys, lots of great breastfeeding supplies, nursing bras, pumps, ect. I love how supportive they are of breastfeeding. Thank goodness that Morgann is older or it would have been too tempting!

They had a Black Friday sale as well - plus lots of goodies - and apple cider! And it was relaxing. And I love the owners and what they support - moms and babies. So I bought Morgann a wooden magnetic "paper doll set" for Christmas. Plus, I got 30% off. I looked all over the packaging and it looks like its American made as well. So yet another success - and a peaceful, relaxing shopping experience.

If you are local, check out Nini Bambini for gifts for babies and toddlers. You won't be disappointed. You may spend an extra $2, but its well worth it - supporting a great business, AND a pleasant, peaceful shopping experience.

Oh and did I mention that they wrapped the present free of charge as well? Score!


Lacey said...

I love following your quest this year!!!! I haven't tried to do American-made but we are sticking to three presents per have to start somewhere to tame the beast - eh?

Tasha Via said...

what a GREAT website!