Friday, November 21, 2008

American Christmas

In my quest to: save money, not support slave labor or sweat shop practices, and help the American economy, I have decided to have an American Christmas: all gifts are to be homemade or made in America. The concept is simple, but I'm unsure how easy it will be:-) For example, I do want to print pictures: ummm, I am pretty sure that a. My printer is foreign, b. I have no idea where the ink is made, c. the paper. So I will do my best! 

Here is what I am doing so far: Canning jelly and jams. Ball jars are American made. Now, since I did not plan  ahead, I am wondering if my fruit will be American grown or not. That I may have to let slide. Next year I can think a bit more ahead.

Don't tell Morgann, but I am making her a Princess Pony Castle. Once again, I have no clue where wood is made, but I'll try! She wants it pink. We'll see if I can find pink American made paint.

Rich and I will probably exchange small gifts. Honestly, I really don't want anything and he just got his "big tool" - laser Miter Saw (and a puppy, SC made!) 

I love Wardolf toys, so I may head over to Pine Hill School for their Holiday fair and see what else I can find. The students at Pine Hill School make the toys! Very cool.

I'll keep updated on my quest for an American Christmas. I hope I can report back that I was able to find American made products (even better yet, from businesses with positive business practices!) And I hope to continue it into the New Year. It's something that I've been meaning to do, but too lazy to really do it. I'm sure balance will be a crucial key in it all as well~!


Brent and Abigail said...

great idea! We're trying to support people we know who sell stuff they make. I'm making Colin and super hero cape for christmas... not as hard as a castle but can't wait to see how your pink castle comes out!

Maggie Michael said...

I like it! Doug and Mellisa are American made! They have amazing stuff too.
Did you know that NATIONAL HARDWARE (for whom granddaddy Dale worked for) makes their stuff in the US?

Wrisley said...

hey! sorry I tagged you in something but maybe it's fun.....

sarah said...

This is great! I can't wait to hear the reports on how it goes. I always like giving handmade gifts for christmas although most of my great ideas happen the week of christmas and so it's crunch time then!
Sarah Gouger