Monday, September 3, 2012

Farewell Summer

One last jaunt at Glen Lake after Morgann's first day of school. The water was still quite warm. She was very tired after her first day. She is very happy to be back at school though. The routine is good for us too.
The boys wait for the bus on their first day back to school. They were thrilled to be going back. In our house we can't "Say/Sign" school unless the bus is almost here lest we get two very mad little boys who want to go right away!

Summer came and went all to fast once again. We enjoyed a wonderful family vacation in the Poconos with our nephews and family. I will try to put up a few pictures sometime. I am so behind in pictures: Blueberry picking. Trips to the Lake.  Splashpad. A waterpark day. A 3-day get-away with just the twins, Morgann, and Amber.

Health wise the boys were pretty good. One virus attempted to take them down but they did well. I was re-reading this blog some and it seems I post a lot about illnesses. I am thankful that they are becoming less frequent and that the boy's immune system is becoming stronger. Our chiropractor definitely works very hard keeping us healthy. I think part of the reason I've blogged less is that we have been so on the go (and not stuck at home with sick kiddos!) that I haven't had time to sit down to write but I have missed it a bit. 

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