Saturday, September 15, 2012

"bibs" for older toddlers

My boy Kaden is a drooler. His hypotonia is in his mouth and cheeks and so a lot of drool still comes out of this kiddo. And lets face it, baby bibs just are not hip. He's three, he doesn't want to wear something that says: "I love my mommy" or "Drool Factory"  After googling and looking at Etsy I found some cooler looking bandana bibs - but they were pretty pricy. $20 for  bib? No thank you.  Morgann and I went to a big box store which I typically avoid and got 18 washcloths for $4. And a bunch of bandanas for $1 each.

So I spread out the bandana. Stuck a washcloth in the middle.
 Fold the bandana in half, then fold about 1.5" so that the washcloth is stuck. I will (when I find my needle and thread) sew across the fold so it stays in place in the wash.
Tie on your kid. Voila. Cheap and cute. Kaden had an especially drooly evening after this pic and it worked as well as a bib, but it still soaked through a little, but no different than one of my better bibs. Tonight he was less drooly and he didnt soak through it at all.


Brent and Abigail said...

love this idea. I think norah is ready for some yummy rice cereal and i can't find any of my bibs from the boys. I think i'll just do this for her. so much cheaper and i think look better.

Surrounded by Blessings said...

Very neat idea. Thanks for sharing it.