Saturday, June 2, 2012

update to challenges

Kaden is much better! In combination with some patience training, signing NO and WAIT a lot, we think that a lot of his problem seems to be related to his GI system. He is having some motility issues which is weird as for the past almost 3 years his tummy has been very stable. His tube was due to dysphagia (inability to swallow properly) So we are working on getting things moving, but in the mean time, treating it like reflux with some meds. He was like a new boy overnight. Praise God. I dont like giving my kids non-homeopathic meds BUT when I trialed him on it for two days, his attitude changed quickly. I took one day off and he was a crab monster. So he's back on it until we can get his tummy moving better! Hopefully after he gets more regular, we can back off the zantac and also the miralax, but keep him on a probiotic and keep up with flax, chia, and some coconut oil. Isaiah went through this last summer too, but then seemed to correct himself, so I'm hoping the same for Kaden:) We met with GI and decided to keep his tubie in just a bit longer as his momma is nervous and seeing that right now, things are a bit, uh, stuck. What I really hope is that Kaden will just pull the thing out one day, me not notice, and that he makes the decision for us :0) I'm silly.

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