Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My little boys started school on Tuesday.

Public school.

With an EIP. In a classroom. Without me.

Being a mom of kids with some unique needs, I have been stretched in ways that I am not so comfortable being stretched.

Like sending my sweet, precious, innocent little boys to government school.

But in the end, it came down what was best for my kids. And it does not quite line up with my political and faith beliefs. (I may have said in the past that my children would attend public school over my dead body. Alas, never say never.)

Two days in and my little men love it. They are totally beaming when I pick them up. And not because they see me - they are too busy looking around and being happy.

I feel a bit bad for the school. I refuse to let them: contact our doctor, have access to most health records, let the health dept have info, ect. I cant quite get over all my distrust. Maybe later. But for now, this is a big step for me.

In the end, its not about me. Its about my guys. Its time for them to go to school. I am going to have to let down a few of my guards and let my kids go a little bit. They are getting a ton of therapy, in a classroom specific for kids with hearing loss, and most importantly, they seem to love it.

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Karen Owens said...

Awesome! This is encouraging to read after my post today! Hope it continues to be amazing! You are so right it is a fluid process. What works now may not work later -- vise versa. And that ok with me, just trying to find what fits our needs right now.