Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NH primary

Today is the NH primary. I voted for my favorite candidate based upon I truly support their beliefs.
But here is why I didn't vote for the following. Yes some are superficial but here is the honest truth. Don't be too offended :)

Newt Gingrich: I won't vote for someone with an amphibian name, sorry. Plus the cheating thing.
Jon Huntsman: in his tv ad he says: "Americans are being screwed." yeh didn't like my 6 year old asking "why are we being screwed? What is screwed?"
Romney: former Mass governor, enough said. But his hair creeps me out too.
Perry: HPV vaccine mandate. Please don't force me to vaccinate my kid against a STD because there are still a million other STD's out there...oh and too many girls have died due to the vaccine than my comfort level allows.

So that's how you don't get a vote in Abbey land.

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