Thursday, August 18, 2011

bucking bronco...blessed.

Look at my big boy! He is starting to learn how to go. I am so proud of him. Something in him just clicked one Saturday afternoon and he decided he could stand (with minimal support). He loves standing now.

We just got him a stander through Medicaid in July. Within a few weeks he was standing. Super amazing! The stinky thing is, since we just got him a stander, Medicaid wont pay for anymore durable medical equipment (DME) equipment for five more years. So, I set off on a mission to find Mr. I a used gait trainer. New ones range from $1000-$3000. A bit more than what we have on hand for NOW to get him new one. (Sure we could save for a few months, or use K's DME money for one - but I really felt that he needed to start working on walking NOW...rather than 6 mo to a year from now. It took about 6 months for us to get the stander through Medicaid)

I googled "used gait trainers" and low and behold I found a resource right here in NH! I found what looked to be a nice but older model size small gait trainer for $150. I went up the next day to Refurbished Equipment Marketplace in Concord.

Paul at REM was more than helpful. We adjusted the gait trainer down to the smallest sizes possible. But alas, Mr. I was still too small to fit in it. But he loved it anyhow and even took a few small steps. He as all smiles. Paul directed me to another gait trainer - a brand new looking Bronco. I had seen the price tag earlier and new it was way out of our budget for a NOW purchase. I told him that and he said, well, lets just try okay. So we adjusted the Bronco down to the smallest settings possible and put Mr. I in. He fit perfectly. Paul then told me that he thought Mr. I needed this bronco. He asked me what my budget was. I told him that I knew this Bronco was worth a lot more than my budget. He asked again. I told him. He replied: Its yours. We got a $3000 new Bronco for 10% of its worth. Totally, thoroughly blessed.

Mr. I is working on taking steps. He gets totally excited when his big sister Morgann is in the room and tries to follow her around. We are getting there. One small step at a time.

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