Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Treating Special Needs kids holistically

I have said many times, that I feel so blessed and fortunate to have Dr. O as the boys PCP. She is truly an answer to prayers. I know that their health has improved ten-fold since being seen and treated by her. Part of it was probably just growing stronger and older, but I know the other part is Dr. O. We treated our last ear infection for K with garlic drops. He was better with in 24 hours. No antibiotics required and no repercussions of yeast.

I follow a couple blogs of medically needy kids. They all receive wonderful, loving care. However, I have to wonder, how would these sweet kids respond if they were treated holistically versus using conventional medicine? I wonder if doctors integrated holistic care with the conventional treatment, what the success rates would be? One guy I read about, is resistant to most antibiotics, would grape seed extract work for him? (K and I have both had wonderful success with GSE a few infections ago.) I do realize that it is really uncharted territories. Would even attempting holistic treatment be worth the risk? I simply can't answer that. Though the boys are considered "medically fragile" their level of fragility is minute compared to many of their peers who are seen by the same Complex Care doctors.

We have been antibiotic free since the summer. Yet, we do use conventional breathing treatments daily. We aren't anti modern medicine. However, I do wonder if perhaps we could find breathing treatments that were holistic based and see how they work for the boys. They are chronically congested and nasally. (Though I do remember Morgann being pretty snotty all the time her first few winters, maybe its normal snotty-ness) Colds for us are a pretty big deal. They have a normal amount of colds, however, we have to treat them much more proactively than Morgann who only get a tissue and snuggles.

That said, I am again thankful for the guidance of our doctor and the ability to treat the boys more naturally. (Morgann is still antibiotic free at the age of almost 6.) But, I know if crisis hits again, we will do what it takes to see the boys healthy again - round the clock albuterol, prednisone, IV abx...)For now, I do think our holistic treatment is working well to prevent those events.

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