Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nini Bambini

I'm very excited about the direction that La Leche of Manchester is taking. My co-leader, Jodie and I were able to meet with the head of Catholic Medical Center's Childbirth education and a doula who does follow up with ALL the new moms at CMC. CMC is sadly lacking in LC services and there is a huge gap that needs to be filled. And I think that is where Jodie, Kate, and I will be stepping in. We had a very successful in hosptial help session a few weeks ago - and Nina heard about it. She invited us to begin holding our meetings at her beautiful store and classroom. It is awesome - a huge, comfortable room lined with leather couches, playmats, and play spaces for toddlers. She is also equipped with a pumping station and sells Amedas, BPA-free bottles, and lovely nursing bras, and tons of great toys, clothes, and shoes (I'm jealous that Nini Bambini wasn't around during my nursing days. I would have spent way too much money there though!) So I'm very excited about the opportunities we are being presented. I can see LLL as a great liason between CMC and new moms. I loved doing the hospital visit as well. (Who can resist a newborn? AND helping a new mommy?) How cool is this place? I'm thrilled to be working with Nina and hope that this a relationship that can really assist me in my journey in the world of lactation. :-P I think Rich "loves" that I'm so passionate about lactation. haha. Poor guy.

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Lacey said...

Hey, everybody should be passionate about something, right?
Actually, The site was cool - and it would have been helpful about nine months ago (or five years ago - whichever!)