Monday, June 16, 2008

Enjoy the ordinary

I think I was trying to think of something interesting to write about. But we've had just an ordinary week. I suppose our ordinary weeks aren't quite ordinary for most of you though. We each lead unique lives.

Sunday - Wednesday were HOT! Morgann and I spent a lot of time in her kiddie pool. Community Center went really well this week. The kids were pretty well behaved, listened during Bible story time, and we had a pretty good time. I feel that we are developing deeper relationships with some of the kids. Rich has missed 2 Mondays in a row because of work, and a couple of the boys really miss him. I'm glad he can be a godly male role model to the them and love on them. It makes us sad that most of our kids don't have that.

Thursday was Morgann's next to last day of pre-school. We both will be sad Tuesday afternoon when school dismisses for the summer. I spent most of Thursday at McLane doing the chaplain thing and NHBA. My big NHBA task was organizing the party tents for the summer.

Friday, Morgann and I ran errands. We found some Disney VHS tapes at the thrift store. In the words of Morgann: "I'm a Disney girl." Marketing works well on 3 year olds as well. But she's loving Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin (minus the scary parts). Friday night, Rich and I had a date! We went over to Massebesic Lake and just enjoyed the quiet.

Saturday, I went out to the seacoast to help lead in some Disaster Relief Training. Our mud out unit will probably deploy to Iowa in the upcoming weeks. FEMA is saying that the floods in Iowa compare to Katrina. Saturday night, I built a bookshelf for Morgann's room.

Sunday, our friend from college - Dan Hall and his wife Rebecca came to visit. They have a few support raising appointments in NH and will be here until tomorrow. It's been fun catching up. We had some church family drama on Sunday. I was a bit bitter, as in, wanting to chase some people out of OUR church neighborhood by gunpoint, but thankfully God has helped change my heart (not bitter, yet, still wanting some people gone or transformed). Icecream at the Goldenrod also helped. (Ice cream at the Goldenrod is basically worth the visit to NH) I think it helped Greg too. We've really taken on the family concept at Grace Haven and its hard. Its putting your heart on the line. We've been hurt badly before, but I know that God's strength is sufficient.

Monday is always my "Sunday". A day to catch up, clean up, and get ready for the week and for Community Center. So here we go to another ordinary week in Manchester.

So what is your ordinary look like? :-)

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Summer said...

your week sounds very busy compared to ours! i love reading about you behind your back, but i guess the secret's out now. :o)