Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a chance encounter?

Our church, Grace Haven does a lot of block parties and bounce houses and fun community events. Sometimes, it seems, that the events are just fun, but don't really impact people for eternity. I meet a lot of people at these events and then rarely see them again.

Anyway. Fast forward to Thursday. We get a call for a short term and unique placement situation. Which is pretty crazy that they called because we have two of the most complex kids/cases in NH. (Yeh, we are famous in DCYF land...) The situation was pretty ideal and due to confidentiality all I can say is that its just a for a few weeks and there is no concern for abuse/neglect. So anyway, we prayed about it and despite the fact that we would be crazy to say yes, we still felt we should say yes. So we said yes. So the kiddo arrives on Monday. He looks so familiar to both Rich and me. (Okay so I guess you now know where this story is going!) Anyway. He left his bookbag at his house, so I went over and met his mom and got his bag. I notice she has a Bible on her bedside table. It looked VERY familiar. As did she. We talked a little bit about reading the Bible and praying and then I left. So I was over again today to pick up the kiddo from visiting mom. She knew we went to church, so she packed a bag with church clothes and we started talking about church. She doesn't have a church here in NH. She asked about ours and I told her about Grace Haven and she asked where it was located. After telling her, she replies - Oh, I know where that is! We have gone to a couple of your bounce house parties! I think I met your husband and he gave us some stuff. Pretty cool!

I have a feeling that we will make a good relationship with this family. So far, we have. God works in very unexpected ways. I am excited to see how God works in this family and in ours. Keep us in your prayers as we take care of this kiddo and minister to his family.

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rachel said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Always nice to connect with other foster mommas! Good Luck on the adoptions!We have termination coming up in July, hopefully adoption in November. Anyways thanks for reading.