Friday, October 29, 2010

Another year milestone

What?! two posts in one day??

But another year milestone is today. A year ago, I wrote this. K came home after a nearly-six week stay at Children's Hospital at Boston. I doesn't seem that long ago. A few days before K was admitted, he received DTaP, Prevnar, Polio, HiB & the flu shot. He quickly spiked a fever. He got very junky and had trouble breathing. He got very very sick. (much worse than when he did have the flu in August) We went back to the doctor. They called an ambulance. We went to Elliot. Blood work, IV's oxygen, lots of suction, and chest x-rays. Then the news that his situation was too complex to stay at Elliot and that the doctor in the ER disagreed with the care K was getting at the previous children's hospital we had been discharged from. So he recommended Boston. After a long stay there, they were able to get K his G-J tube, new meds, and a good team of care. We are grateful for his time in Boston. He's a new kid now with his G-J and he is thankful they did another swallow study that showed he could in fact swallow purees. That boy LOVES to eat. I've run into Dr. Katie O'Donnell twice while were were doing outpatient clinics in Boston. She is AMAZED at how far K has come...and that he never had to come back for another inpatient visit!

I know that he may end up back down there sometime. But I know my God is THE God of miracles and healing - and we've seen so much healing in K. It is amazing.

We are also very thankful for our new wonderful PCP who works with us to ensure K has the best care.

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