Monday, June 7, 2010


This past weekend we went camping. Tent camping. The five of us in a tent. Along with some oxygen, a pulse ox, our feeding tube set up, and nebulizer. And guess what, we had a blast! The medical stuff barely got in the way and K was doing so awesome. He has been so healthy lately.

It was foster care appreciation weekend at Jellystone Park in Ashland NH. I thought that Jellystone would be completely cheesy for camping - but it was so fun and located on a pretty river. Plus, I am pretty sure they spray for mosquitoes - it was nice camping without slathering in OFF! and only getting two bites. (When we unpacked at home, I got about 4 four bites!) Morgann had an awesome time. She loved the splash park and the pool and swimming in the river. I enjoyed just sitting quietly under our canopy while the boys slept outside, by the river. It was serene.

Much thanks to Jellystone for the free campsites. We will be back:)

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