Friday, October 3, 2008


The Haven has been working together with NeighborWorks of Greater Manchester for the past 2 years in with the purpose of community events and community involvement. The Haven is in a rough neighborhood. Just for a reference, the multi-family across the street from us is a drug house (again) and most likely has gang activity (again, but a new house). This past week, we did a voter registration drive and a pancake supper. At first, we were a bit hesitant to do this event, but agreed. In the end, it was quite a success. We laid aside the voter part. Party politics is divisive, and our goal is to bring people to Jesus, the healer. We are the church. We told people that we were doing the event as a church because Jesus served and we serve Jesus. We believe the Bible is true and thats why we do what we do. Jesus can change the lives of those in our community and then will we see great revitalization.

Our Haven kids helped set up, serve, clean, cook and clean up too. They did a great job. We've implemented a lot of structure to our program and things run so much more smoothly. I love it. It gives us a lot more purpose and patience. It also has made me realize that I have completely forgotten how to do 6th grade homework.

Answer this: How do molecules move through solids?

Micheal helps Robert Tourigny, NeighborWorks executive director serve pancakes, while Tori helps cook.

(Pictures taken by Will Stewart)


Oma said...

osmosis, says dale, or active transport (whatever that means, says sally ;)

sabasue said...


Abbey said...

He's got my vote!

Brent &Abigail said...

so i was just going to comment how i can always find you in pictures in some type of hokie apparel :) but i agree frank beamer for pres

Abbey said...

Thats funny. We had one kid at community center, come up to Rich and asked him very seriously: "Do you only have Virginia Tech shirts?" It was hilarious, but Stephen was dead serious!!